Article: Microglia Transmit Pain to the Brain During Stress [Medical Xpress]

From For many years the function of microglia was unclear. However, today it is known that these cells mediate immune responses in the central nervous system by acting as macrophages, clearing cellular debris and dead neurons from nervous tissue through the process of phagocytosis (cell eating). []

“John Sheridan and colleagues identified an inflammatory environment in the spinal cord caused by repeated exposure to an aggressive mouse—an established model of psychosocial stress—that accompanied lower pain thresholds observed in the stressed mice.

“Stress increased expression of inflammatory genes and activation of microglia in spinal cord regions involved in pain processing. Eliminating microglia from the spinal cord prevented these effects.

“These findings suggest a new cellular target for alleviating stress-induced pain.”

You can read this summary by Society for Neuroscience on Medical Xpress: Microglia Transmit Pain to the Brain During Stress

Their citation: Microglia Promote Increased Pain Behavior through Enhanced Inflammation in the Spinal Cord During Repeated Social Defeat Stress, JNeurosci (2018). DOI: … EUROSCI.2785-18.2018

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