Article: Watch Nerve Cells Being Born in Living Mice [Science News]

“The scientists marked 63 cells called radial stem cells, which can divide to create new nerve cells. Researchers then watched these stem cells for up to two months, taking pictures every 12 or 24 hours.

“During that time, 42 of these stem cells underwent a spurt of division, churning out two kinds of cells: intermediate cells that would go on to produce nerve cells as well as mature nerve cells themselves. Once this burst of activity ended, the radial stem cells disappeared by dividing themselves into mature nerve cells that could no longer split.

“Many of these newly formed nerve cells had brief lives, dying either within the first four days, or 13 to 18 days after birth. It’s not clear what kills these newborn cells. Interspersed among the dying cells, survivors go on to knit themselves into the brain.”

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