Various COVID-19 Resources

Various COVID-19 Articles/Papers (most-recent first):


6/3/20: Medical Workers Should Use Respirator Masks, Not Surgical Masks [New York Times] (Originally published 6/1, updated 6/3)

5/13/20: Amid the Coronavirus Crisis, a Regimen for Reentry [The New Yorker]

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5/6/20: The Risks – Know Them – Avoid Them [Professor Erin Bromage, Comparative Immunologist and Professor of Biology (specializing in Immunology) at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth]


May/June 2020: “Low Risk” Does Not Equal “No Risk” [Massage & Bodywork]

5/29/20: Massage Therapists Nervous About Reopening [Santa Fe Reporter]

5/29/20: Roadmap to Recovery for Nevada: Massage Establishment Sanitization Guidelines [Nevada Health Response: Local Empowerment Advisory Panel]

5/23/20: Alternative Ideas for Masking While Prone [HealWell]

Another variation from Knotted Therapeutic Massage 4/25/20.

5/22/20: When We Can Keep You Safe [Massage Vermont]

Part 2 (5/29)

5/21/20: New Guidelines Are Not Too Shabby [HealWell] (review of FSMTB Guidelines)

5/4/20: Worst. Game. Ever. [HealWell]

4/24/20: Back to Practice [HealWell]

3/21/20: Coronavirus and Massage Therapist Resources [Laura Allen, LMBT]

Sept 2001: Massage therapies [NCBI]


6/2/20: Talking Can Generate Coronavirus Droplets That Linger Up to 14 Minutes [New York Times] (Originally published 5/14, updated 6/2)

5/20/20: Large Outbreak of Coronavirus Disease among Wedding Attendees, Jordan [CDC Emerging Infectious Diseases; early release article]

5/13/20: The Airborne Lifetime of Small Speech Droplets and Their Potential Importance in SARS-CoV-2 Transmission [Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA]

5/11/20: SARS-CoV-2 Transmission from Presymptomatic Meeting Attendee, Germany [CDC Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal; early release article]

10/9/08: Coughing and Aerosols [The New England Journal of Medicine]



5/7/20: Autopsies of COVID-19 Patients Reveal Clotting Concerns [Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy: University of Minnesota]

Affects Blood

4/28/20: Large-Vessel Stroke as a Presenting Feature of COVID-19 in the Young [The New England Journal of Medicine]

4/9/20: Abnormal Clotting and COVID-19 [Infectious Disease Special Edition]


5/11/20: The Science Behind How the Body Clears Coronavirus [YouTube: Wall Street Journal]

5/11/20: Likely No Summer Break from COVID-19 [NeuroLogoica Blog]

4/29/20: Why the Coronavirus is so Confusing [The Atlantic]

3/31/20: How to Talk About the Coronavirus [The Atlantic]

Affects Body

5/15/20: Skin Involvement in SARS‐CoV‐2 Infection: Case Series [Wiley Online Library: Journal of Medical Virology]


Good News

5/21/20: There May Be a Unique Coronavirus Immune Response [Science Translational Medicine]

5/15/20: One shot to change the world [The Sydney Morning Herald]

5/13/20: Amid the Coronavirus Crisis, a Regimen for Reentry [The New Yorker]

  1. Hygiene
  2. Distancing
  3. Screening
  4. Masks
  5. Culture