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Article: Death-Cap Mushrooms are Spreading Across North America [The Atlantic]

“With a short, curved knife, he pried up the mushroom and pulled it out whole. It was a mushroom known as the death cap, Amanita phalloides. If ingested, severe illness can start as soon as six hours later, but tends to take longer, 36 hours or more. Severe liver damage is usually apparent after 72 hours. Fatality can occur after a week or longer. “Long and slow is a frightening aspect of this type of poisoning,” Kroeger said.”

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Video: How Does Your Brain Respond to Pain? [TED-Ed]

“Ouch! Everyone experiences pain — but why do some people react to the same painful stimulus in different ways? And what exactly is pain, anyway? Karen D. Davis walks you through your brain on pain, illuminating why the “pain experience” differs from person to person.

“Lesson by Karen D. Davis, animation by Brett Underhill.”

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While things are slowly re-opening you can do a Coaching the Body Institute e-course to Treat Your Shoulder Pain (bundled with their Muscle Liberator Mini Tool) at a discounted affiliate price (and I get a small commission to help feed my bottomless children).

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Angie Gensler makes social media posting easy by providing an already assembled calendar of what to post for the ENTIRE year. She even has a bundle of editable graphics for holidays, quotes, and questions. I get a small commission if you order yours through my affiliate links. FYI: my posts do not reflect the full scope of her calendar.

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