Article: Chronic Migraine Worsened by TMJ Disorder [Fascia & Fitness]

Fascia & Fitness does a marvelous job of making the results of a study in Brazil easier to read (especially when you currently have a headache).

“The lead author Lidiane Florencio wrote regarding the link between TMJ disorder (“TMD”) and migraines: “The repetition of migraine attacks may increase sensitivity to pain. Our hypothesis is that migraine acts as a factor that predisposes patients to TMD. On the other hand, TMD can be considered a potential perpetuating factor for migraine because it acts as a constant nociceptive input that contributes to maintaining central sensitization and abnormal pain processes. Nociceptive pain is caused by a painful stimulus on special nerve endings called nociceptors.”

“Migraine and TMJ disorder have very similar pathologic mechanisms. Migraine affects 15% of the general population, and progression to the chronic form is expected in about 2.5% of migraine sufferers. On the other hand, TMJ disorder is stress-related as much as it has to do with muscle overload. Patients display joint symptoms – such as joint pain, reduced jaw movement, clicking or popping (crepitus) of the temporomandibular joint – but also develop a muscular condition, including muscle pain and fatigue, and/or radiating face and neck pain.

“TMJ disorder and migraine often co-occur. However, while people who suffer from migraine are more likely to have TMJ disorder, people with TMJ disorder will not necessarily have migraine. The researchers believe that TMJ disorder may increase the frequency and severity of migraine attacks, even though it does not necessarily directly precipitate the migraine attack.”

Read the full article by Fascia & Fitness: Chronic Migraine Worsened by TMJ Disorder

Read the published study in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics: Association Between Severity of Tempomandibular Disorders and the Frequency of Headache Attacks in Women with Migraine: A Cross-Sectional Study

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