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“WHO [World Health Organization] admits that advanced medical research, health care improvements and our medical communities’ support for physical activity play a dominant role in healthy aging’s increasing significance—but there’s also this cross-generational drive to make those “bonus” years count by initiating healthy habits sooner rather than later. According to new Mintel research, more than 55 percent of Americans report living a healthier lifestyle in 2017 as compared to 2016, and 45 percent say they made “dramatic changes to improve their health.”4

“Staying physically active ranks high on the list of healthy living habits, whether talking to 25 year-olds working toward a healthy tomorrow, 50-year-olds looking to maintain a healthy today or 75-year-olds determined to regain some of yesterday’s strength.

“The Harman Group’s Health + Wellness (H+W) 2017 report cites a deepening connection between physical and mental health. “Exercise, for instance, has moved from being a weight-loss tool to a mood and energy management strategy, giving it even more prominence in consumers’ health and wellness goals, yet even many engaged consumers struggle to prioritize it.”5

“Yes, prioritizing opportunities to stay active can be challenging— particularly if a simple stretch or gentle workout brings cringing pain. And pinpointing where that pain originates poses another challenge—especially as we age.

“Sometimes pain follows a well-defined injury or diagnosed disease, and that knowledge helps a massage therapist gain quick focus. However, pain can also creep up, maybe after a seemingly insignificant misstep that pushed tight muscles beyond their range of motion. There’s also the body’s natural aging agenda, which begins around 30. And let’s not forget about how decades spent behind a desk, bent in daylong, misaligned positions, can result in a cascade of painful consequences. Any one of these scenarios can create painful obstacles that limit activity for every age.”

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