Favorite Self-Care Tools

They have excellent photo-instructions of ways to utilize this nifty tool. I personally have tucked it along the lateral border of my scapula while side-lying so one ‘lump’ is tucked into the teres/lats and the other ‘lump’ is in my infraspinatus. #underpinnings

Those days of terrible neck tension, it’s usually helpful for me to tuck this in at the base of my skull. After a bit I’ll turn my head so it catches the SCM attachment as well. Some days it’s epic, some days it doesn’t make a difference.

Available on their site, or from Amazon.

My husband utilizes the Thumbby while driving cross-country in much the same way I utilize lacrosse balls puttering about town.

The point is a similar size to a thumbpad allowing for more finite digging than a ball or CranioCradle. The base can be ‘suctioned’ onto smooth surfaces to aid in self-application. The tapered sides can also be utilized, not just the point.

More information can be acquired at their site. It can be purchased from various retailers on Amazon, etc.

The blue collar twists off so the sphere can be removed and placed in the freezer. It is capable of storage in the freezer, but should never be heated. It can be used in or out of the casing according to your needs/uses. Either roll, or hold in a static location for iced counter-pressure.

You can purchase from their site or from Amazon.

This little knobbly ball has a similar density to a lacrosse ball, but smaller (and prickly-ish) for more finite digging. The packaging indicates its intention is to better mimic a massage therapist’s thumbs.

I purchased mine in person at Dick’s Sporting Goods. It can be acquired from TriggerPoint’s site or Amazon.

There are several different styles of cupping tools, and multiple ways to utilize them. For general self-care use, I prefer the “mushroom style” silicone cups pictured here because they’re easier for me to handle.

Oil makes for a better seal than lotion. The same pain references apply as with massage–no ouch hurt allowed! DO NOT USE OVER SKIN THAT IS COMPROMISED, VARICOSE VEINS, SPIDER VEINS, OR BIOMESH SCARS/SITES!! Do not use over bony protruberances either (top of feet, top of hands, etc).

After applying the cup, lift slightly to gradually glide through the area you’re focusing on. I liken it to unvelcroing the connective tissues.

Various styles and sizes can be purchased at Amazon.

With the clotting/coagulation issues being found with COVID, and its extent with asymptomatic cases being unknown, cupping and hot stone applications are not recommended at this time.

For some extra oomph with your tapotment, you can have your buddy beat your back and shoulders with these. I have a few clients that really appreciate their use with their chair massage. Firm ball on the end of a strip of metal that allows flex–it’s all in the wrist. They’re sold as a pair.

Purchase on their site or on Amazon.